Mathapachchi’-Teaching-learning of Mathematics

The Indian Institute of Teacher Education, Government of Gujarat has commissioned ITOWE Development Foundation to develop a 7-day residential in-service training module on effective teaching learning of maths and another one on Effective Teaching-learning of Science.

The Mathematics module, titled ‘Mathapachchi’ has been developed and submitted to the IITE. The Module was validated through executing it with a group of 50 B.Sc B.Ed students of the IITE during 21-25 January 2019.

State Innovations Festival, Gujarat

The 3 day GCERT-Nayara State Innovations Festival was to celebrate over 150 innovative ideas for enhancing the quality of teaching-learning in Gujarat, as developed and tried by teachers from all across Gujarat. The State Festival held during 3-5 January 2019 at CHARUSAT University in Changa, Nadiad, Gujarat was the culmination of 34 District Innovations Festivals; It acted as a forum to help teachers, educators and administrators in Gujarat to show-case, exchange and share a variety of innovative solutions developed by them for enhancing the quality and reach of education in schools of Gujarat. About 150 innovative solutions displayed at the Navtar Exhibition; 2 programme plenaries in the area of creativity and innovation in education and 7 parallel workshops comprised the 3 day state event; which was attended by over 2000 teachers and educators.

3-week Rural Internship for Bachelor students of PDPU

A 3 week Rural Internship Module was conducted by the ITOWE Development Foundation for a group of 54 bachelors students (all boys group) of the School of Liberal Studies of the Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar. Designed to provide students with a hands-on experience of rural development work, functioning and operations of NGOs and giving them the skills of problem-solving and conducting rapid field appraisals in rural areas by actually working with the village communities; the 3-week internship was conducted in a campsite by the river sabarmati in Rajpur, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.