Inviting Quotations for AV programme


Inviting Quotations for A/V Educational Material Production

Incorporated as a section 8 Company on 12 June 2018, ITOWE Development Foundation, is engaged in working for the cause of education, training, environment conservation, sustainable development initiatives and other social responsibility initiatives.

ITOWE, with support from UNICEF Gujarat, is engaged in developing self-learning home-based educational modules (in print form) for children of grades 1 to 8, under the SSA-GCERT-UNICEF collaborative initiative called ‘Ghare Shikhiye’ project. Some of the activities/chapters in the printed self-learning modules will need to be complemented with audio-visual learning material as well.

It is in the above context that ITOWE invites quotations towards shooting and editing of educational video/audio programmes (approx 3 to 5 minutes each) for children, as per the following details:

    1. Content brief (including script and story boards), space for shooting, and an education expert to support the process will be provided by ITOWE;
    2. This assignment is for 4-5 months duration starting July 2020;
    3. Approximately every month, 8 sets of short videos (and 3-5 audio clips) need to be developed. Each set of final videos can have 1 to 8 videos of about 3-10 minutes each;
    4. Every month, the videos will need to be shot and finally edited latest by the 10th day of the month;

Interested individuals/agencies may send e-quotations/quotations at the following address latest by 12 July 2020:
ITOWE Development Foundation, 419-A, Block B, Siddhraj Zori,
Sargasan Char Rasta, Gandhinagar
email at

Chief Operating Officer, Organisational Development & Human Resources


Date: 7 July 2020
Place: Gandhinagar

Learning during CoVID 19.

Joyful learning at home!

All schools in the (Gujarat) State have remained closed since the later half of March till date due to the COVID 19 Outbreak. It is also very likely that the schools will not be able to resume normal working and operations in the near future.

Now, technically as the schools have moved into the new academic cycle, the Gujarat government, along with the use of digital and satellite technology has creatively begun to use print medium as well to be able to reach out to as many children as possible—with or without the digital infrastructure! Ghare Shikhiye, an initiative of GCERT and SSA Gujarat  is providing Self Learning Modules for learners of grades 1 to 8 at their doorsteps! Monthly package of self-learning modules are being distributed to the government school children, beginning June 2020. The pack of Self-learning modules for the month of June 2020, has already reached children and teachers! These downloadable PDF formatted Self-Learning Modules are available at

ITOWE Development Foundation ( is providing material development support to the Government in this initiative; and will soon pilot an intensive field trial of this approach and strategy in selected locations of Ahmedabad/Gujarat. Towards these activities, ITOWE is being supported by UNICEF, Gujarat.

For more information on this initiative, you can write to or call 9825412841.

To download the modules, you can visit NAVTAR’s website, click to


Mathapachchi’-Teaching-learning of Mathematics

The Indian Institute of Teacher Education, Government of Gujarat has commissioned ITOWE Development Foundation to develop a 7-day residential in-service training module on effective teaching learning of maths and another one on Effective Teaching-learning of Science.

The Mathematics module, titled ‘Mathapachchi’ has been developed and submitted to the IITE. The Module was validated through executing it with a group of 50 B.Sc B.Ed students of the IITE during 21-25 January 2019.

State Innovations Festival, Gujarat

The 3 day GCERT-Nayara State Innovations Festival was to celebrate over 150 innovative ideas for enhancing the quality of teaching-learning in Gujarat, as developed and tried by teachers from all across Gujarat. The State Festival held during 3-5 January 2019 at CHARUSAT University in Changa, Nadiad, Gujarat was the culmination of 34 District Innovations Festivals; It acted as a forum to help teachers, educators and administrators in Gujarat to show-case, exchange and share a variety of innovative solutions developed by them for enhancing the quality and reach of education in schools of Gujarat. About 150 innovative solutions displayed at the Navtar Exhibition; 2 programme plenaries in the area of creativity and innovation in education and 7 parallel workshops comprised the 3 day state event; which was attended by over 2000 teachers and educators.

3-week Rural Internship for Bachelor students of PDPU

A 3 week Rural Internship Module was conducted by the ITOWE Development Foundation for a group of 54 bachelors students (all boys group) of the School of Liberal Studies of the Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar. Designed to provide students with a hands-on experience of rural development work, functioning and operations of NGOs and giving them the skills of problem-solving and conducting rapid field appraisals in rural areas by actually working with the village communities; the 3-week internship was conducted in a campsite by the river sabarmati in Rajpur, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.