Inviting Quotations for AV programme


Inviting Quotations for A/V Educational Material Production

Incorporated as a section 8 Company on 12 June 2018, ITOWE Development Foundation, is engaged in working for the cause of education, training, environment conservation, sustainable development initiatives and other social responsibility initiatives.

ITOWE, with support from UNICEF Gujarat, is engaged in developing self-learning home-based educational modules (in print form) for children of grades 1 to 8, under the SSA-GCERT-UNICEF collaborative initiative called ‘Ghare Shikhiye’ project. Some of the activities/chapters in the printed self-learning modules will need to be complemented with audio-visual learning material as well.

It is in the above context that ITOWE invites quotations towards shooting and editing of educational video/audio programmes (approx 3 to 5 minutes each) for children, as per the following details:

    1. Content brief (including script and story boards), space for shooting, and an education expert to support the process will be provided by ITOWE;
    2. This assignment is for 4-5 months duration starting July 2020;
    3. Approximately every month, 8 sets of short videos (and 3-5 audio clips) need to be developed. Each set of final videos can have 1 to 8 videos of about 3-10 minutes each;
    4. Every month, the videos will need to be shot and finally edited latest by the 10th day of the month;

Interested individuals/agencies may send e-quotations/quotations at the following address latest by 12 July 2020:
ITOWE Development Foundation, 419-A, Block B, Siddhraj Zori,
Sargasan Char Rasta, Gandhinagar
email at

Chief Operating Officer, Organisational Development & Human Resources


Date: 7 July 2020
Place: Gandhinagar

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